HDD House Party #2

Welcome back to the second HDD House Party, our podcast series exploring all of our favouirte genres, this time it’s a soca edition. We are joined by Murlo and So Shifty for a chat and a live guest mix from each of them. Both of our guests explore the different sides of soca Murlo takes on the 160 BPM power soca whilst So Shifty delve into their crates for a classic groovy soca mix. Hosts Kazabon and Hootie Who explore their favourite soca songs of the moment and the uniqueness that is soca.

Murlo has a new EP out of his bandcamp page and of course you can catch him at Hipsters Dont Dance as well as a ton of other places. So Shifty are constantly putting out great music which you can check out on their soundcloud. You can also check out their weekly feature on our site #unfuckwithable.

Download the podcast here

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