#HDD Hangover 4 : The Large

We have all been there flagging after a long night out, the pounding headache, the fear of natural light and the craving on any food to soak up last night’s hangover.

We at HDD have a phrase for those suffering after a night out at Hipsters Dont Dance (1st saturday of every month) it’s called a #hddhangover. So as a thank you to our amazing crowd we have decided to create a mix series to ease you back into the real world.

The third one is a mix by HDD resident The Large, it’s better than Alkaseltzer.

Here are a few words from her:

I didn’t really know where I was going when I started this mix, I just reached for what felt good, and clearly now I can see that’s Philly soul, J dilla, east coast rap, the most laid back diss tune ever & some chocolatey vocals. This mix is best enjoyed with nice bassy soundsystem, a spliff and someone to spoon.

Download the mix here

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