#HDD Hangover 7 : Hootie Who

We at HDD have a phrase for those suffering after a night out at Hipsters Dont Dance it’s called a #hddhangover. So as a thank you to our amazing crowd we have decided to create a mix series to ease you back into the real world. The seventh mix in the series goes for a mostly instrumental vibe, it’s the second mix in this series by HDD resident Hootie Who. One thing’s for sure it’s better than Alkaseltzer!

Here are a few words from him:

For my second mix in this series i wanted to try and take it somewhere different. Everyone in the series took this idea and added a new element so I came back to the series thinking differently than when i started it 6 months ago. For me as a DJ i can see the power of music especially in melodies and felt that a mostly instrumental mix would highlight some of my recent favourites. Of course I had to put my all time fave in there as well. I’ll let you guess which one it is (hint its the one with the 3 cuts on this mix).

Download the mix here

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