HDD & Friends: Best Food to eat at Notting Hill Carnival


Over the years we have asked some of our favourite djs, producers and carnival goers to share their Notting Hill Carnival tips with us. Here are some tips on food and drink at carnival (now updated for 2019).


Here are our tips for this year:
Call your local Caribbean takeaway and ask them if they have a spot at carnival, if not see if they can recommend a stall, there’s nothing worse than overpriced bad jerk chicken! If you can find a roti spot that does doubles that’s a winner, plus great for vegetarians. Our carnival drink is Appleton Estate rum with ginger beer and a squeeze of lime, avoid beers and stick to spirits if you don’t want to spend the day waiting in toilet lines.


For more carnival tips from us and Shy One listen back below
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For more carnival tips from us and Serocee listen back below
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Dan Bean 
I have one secret that will revive you in dark times. On Portobello road there is a place called the Grain Shop, they board it up during Carnival to look shut but if you push the door …it’s open. Never any queues and you get a big fuck off tray filled full of food that will keep you going. I’ve been going to carnival for 24 years now and still don’t trust the Jerk Chicken. Bring your own booze too, a lukewarm can of Red Stripe for a fiver taste like piss and takes the piss, go for Rum, alternatively for a classic carnival look buy a bottle of Alize.


Gabriel Heatwave
I don’t have a favourite stall but in terms of drink it’s all about a plastic water bottle full of rum…


Seb Wheeler (Tropical Waste)
I’m going to get slated here, but I’m not really feeling the food at carnival. I had a goat curry once and it was positively glowing with additives. I’ve since gone vegetarian and the choices for non-meat eaters are terrible. I always have a celebratory patty upon arrival though. But I’m all about getting up a little early and making a packed lunch which I take in a backpack. I’m talking military sized cheese baguettes, crisps and lashings of rum ‘n’ ginger beer! Proper bashment adventurer style.


There is one Brazilian joint up Portobello Rd that has really good sweets..


Carnival drink – no more red stripe, too many toilet breaks… Gotta be rum & redbull.


Rob Pursey (Southern Hospitality)
There’s always a really good food stall in front of the church (off Powis Square) but can’t ever remember the name.


Steakhouse Records
I hope that TastyJerk are going to be at Carnival this year. Their whole jerked lamb is truly a thing of beauty. Eating that whilst watching Luciano at the Lambeth County Show has to be one of the most perfect moments of 2011 for me so far


So Shifty
Carnival drink: half a bottle of overproof w/ half a bottle of pepsi


Terry Juarez
I always get food at the same stall, by the church on the corner of  Clydesdale road just off Portobello down from Rough Trade. They do a maaaaad curry goat. Also drink dark rum and red stripe all day.


The Large
Music is the only food I need at carnival…joke! anything barbecued rinsed down with some rum n ginger.


Unknown Soulja
Don’t really know a lot about carnival food but my drink of choice is Rum and Ginger with a whole bagga lime.


Used to be a couple of good ones on Talbot Road but in the last few years they’ve gone a bit lax. Getting non meat dishes wasn’t a problem til recently but now, if you’re lucky enough to find someone doing callaloo, check there’s no stray goat hiding in there, and don’t expect a positive response if you do find it. There’s a couple of shops which stay open doing curries on Portobello, normally boarded up so blink and you’ll miss them. I’d say just grab yourself a pattie unless you’re starving, you can get decent Caribbean food all over London any time of year. As for drinking, I’m t-total so you wont see me with the obligatory warm can of red stripe.

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