HDD and Shimmy Shimmy Present Rooftop Ranking

Hipsters Dont Dance Shimmy Shimmy Rooftop Ranking
This summer sees the 50th anniversary of Jamaican independence, and to celebrate we are holding a rooftop party featuring London DJs & MCs championing the Caribbean sound. This one-off, all-day party will take place on July 21st at Dalston Roof Park, an established roof venue unlike any other in the city, and will bring the outdoor summertime vibe that can only be matched by carnival. Rooftop Ranking is presented by two of London’s main promotion forces pushing dancehall, Hipsters Don’t Dance and Shimmy Shimmy. There will also be giveaways from the UK’s number one reggae label, Greensleeves to celebrate the release of their Reggae Gold 2012 compilation, alongside a BBQ helmed by the excellent Art of Dining.

£5 advance tickets are selling fast so make sure you buy one here. The capacity on the roof is limited so having an advance tickets will guarantee your spot on the roof and a giveaway from Greensleeves!

Visit our facebook event page for more info and the eventbrite page for our terms and conditions.  See you on the roof!

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