Good God It’s Bonjay

We are super excited to have Alanna and Pho aka Canadian duo Bonjay, joining us at Hipsters Dont Dance June Session.
When asked in a recent interview, what part dancehall plays in the Bonjay sound, Alanna’s reply was as follows:
It’s the dancehall attitude and openness to anything. The kick-drum and the bass.
HDD regulars know that musically we share a similar belief and like to shake it up with a variety of genres so you can see why we thought a Bonjay dj set at HDD would be something truly special.

Named after a phrase in Grenadian patois meaning ‘Good God’ Bonjay aim for their music to come as a pleasant surprise to the ear. If you havent experienced the Bonjay sound prepare for a mix of synth stabs, big bass, dancehall drums, airhorns and silky vocals.

You can listen to some of their tacks below including Creepin and Stumble which will be released as a double A side on June 6th. As part of the release, One Bird Records are including a limited edition notebook with orders of the single.

Bonjay songs by Bonjay

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