Frank Ocean x Pyramids

Frank Ocean Pyramids hipsters dont dance

Ok so it’s been out for a few days but this site isn’t about firsts, its about quality music. And this ten minute sprawling epic jam which is effectively two songs tied together thematically is that. Referencing Cleopatra, Strippers, Pimps, Adam and Eve and a bunch of other references that leave you wondering if this is purely historical or really and ode to strippers and their lives. The first “song” shows Frank with a funkier vibe than he has been on, other r and b cats better watch out. The second one take a sizzurp inspired downtempo shift into this song about Cleopatra. Be warned 100 producer will sample the chorus and make it into some boring minimal techno nonesense. Stripping away the fantastic wordplay that goes with the filtered buzzsaw and spectral keys instrumental.
Even the simpsons looking artwork is great, especially hammering home the feelings in the song.

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