Dom Kennedy x Still Callin (Feat. TeeFlii)

One of the standouts of Dom’s latest lp Get Home Safely gets the visuals it deserves. The west coast revival is coming and this is something that truly captures the vibe coming out from a lot of these artists. Whilst New York bickers with itself, the west key players all flit in and around each others projects .TeeFlii even brings his “Annie” fictional character to this song. The video itself is similar to a lot of Dom’s recent ones, party vibe everyone having fun and not much more. It really does let the music speak for itself which is smart. My hope for the coming year is that Paranoid blows up, Left Right blows up, Up Down blows up and this leads to a new Teeflii x Dj Mustard song blowing up. Followed by Eric Bellinger then a Sade x DJ Mustard track.

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