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5 Minutes With DJ Darka & CanYouFelix

DJ Darka & CanyoufelixPhotos by Matthew Comer

Manchester’s finest DJ Darka and CanYouFelix will be joining us for our July Session this Saturday at Meter for a back to back set. We took 5 minutes of their time to ask them a few questions ahead of the event.

You are both residents at Manchester’s dancehall night Heads High, who do you think will have the biggest dancehall song this summer?

DJ Darka For me I’m a huge fan of Mr Vegas he kills it every time & Bruck It Down has to be the one right now. To get the real dancers bruckin out!
CanYouFelix Love Di Vibes – I-Octane is definitely gonna be huge this summer, I’m always on a singalong flex during this time of year

You also dj as part of other club nights (Kiss My Teeth and Murkage Club), in your experience what is your ultimate floor filler?

DJ Darka Can I choose Mr Vegas again? If ever I’m in a sticky situation playing uk funky,bass music or dancehall Mr Vegas Nike Air on the Playground Riddim just ignites every to put their hands in the air and switches the whole game up.
CanYouFelix  I’ve been listening to grime for years but only started playing out in the last few months. Duppy – Skepta kills both Murkage and KMT always, without fail.

What is the tune you think is under-rated and you wish more people would appreciate?

DJ Darka  David Lewis – Hands on Her (Sunship Remix) What a stone cold classic!

CanYouFelix It’s quite difficult to find the appropriate moment to play soukous, I love Fraudian Slip [Uproot Andy Remix] by AJ Holmes and The Hackney Empire so much, often people don’t really know what’s going on but if everyone’s a bit juiced then they go mad.

What can we expect from your HDD set and what are you looking forward to at HDD on Saturday?

DJ Darka I’m really feeling a lot of the new Murlo productions and I’ve been stepping into that Funky realm heavily recently. There’s a new Zed Bias Remix of Misha B’s Home Run it’s a madness can’t wait to see how that goes down, just like his track Dancing with Omar and Fox it’s really infectious and a party starter. Also with it being my debut in the London clubs im really excited to flex in the Big LDN and play some old skool ragga, slack dancehall and fresh uk funky vibes and a dash of UK garage all blended up like a melting pot can’t wait to see how it goes down.

CanYouFelix Energy! There’s nothing chin-strokey about our sets. I still haven’t made it to HDD yet which seems ridiculous, so really looking forward to this one!

Hear more from DJ Darka on  his soundcloud or listen in to his show on Unity radio .Hear mixes from CanYouFelix on his soundcloud

5 Minutes With Famous Eno

This Saturday we are joined by one of our favourite DJs and producers Famous Eno, for our May Session at Meter. So in preparation we asked him for five minutes of his time to tell us a little bit about himself and what he has been working on.

5 Minutes With Famous Eno

Who are you and how would you describe your sound?

My name is Eno. I live in London and make music.. I suppose my sound is minimal club music.. I am influenced by old school jungle/drum and bass, dancehall, grime, hip hop, bmore club and anything with a vibe! I love working with vocalists and I love pop tracks that sound weird!

Tell us about your upcoming release on Mixpak

Really exited about this. All Good FM is one of the last of the true pirates. The listener has the good fortune of tuning into it for 3 or 4 minutes before they loose the signal. The video is just finished, it features remixes from DJ sliink, Arveene and Misk, Morcee, and me! it also features a good friend of mine MC Stitch on vocals. Stitch used to M.C at a jungle night I used to run about 10 years ago, so its cool to finally do a track with him. Planning on a June release for this one I think so keep your eyes and ears peeled!

As you mentioned, your new single is called All Good Fm what are your favourite radio shows?

Strangely enough, I listen to alot of Radio 4 (no lie) I love Desert Island Discs and Front Row. I also really love the Firin Squad on Choice FM for fresh urban party music across the board.. Toddlas new show on radio 1 is cool too, especially Serocees Sound Snippets

Listen to Famous Eno’s excellent Mixpak FM mix here

What can we expect from your HDD set and what are you looking forward to at HDD on Saturday?

I’m probably going to play a lot of classic grime, really in love with this sound at the minute.. some dancehall and some new tracks from me.. also expect lots of rewinds! I’m looking forward to Murlos set!

What can we expect from you in the future?

Music that makes people dance (hopefully). I have a lot of new tracks im working on which im exited about.. collabos with Serocee, Trigganom, and some vocalists I cant mention, Last Japan, Murlo and some really weird stuff of my own! also, I just bought a Moog slim phatty so plan to make some beats with that and a borrowed 808 and see where that takes me!

5 minutes with Whole Sick

This saturday we are joined by Whole Sick at the Meter. So in preparation we asked him for five minutes of his time to get to know the fast rising DJ a little more.
Whole Sick Press shot
The tunes you have been working on recently with Tomb Crew, Breathe and I Go Sick in particular, have dancehall influences. What’s your favourite dancehall tune?

Hard to pin one down, but I’ll say Sizzla – Scream, love how raw it sounds, like a call to arms.

You have djed at countless festivals and parties from Snowbombing to your residencies at Kool Kids Klub and My City. What is your ultimate floor filler?

When I’m up against it, Mr. Oizo – Flatbeat always comes through for me, everybody knows it and as that bassline just thunders through the room, you can’t help moving.

What is the tune you think is under-rated and you wish more people would appreciate?

I don’t know if it’s underrated, or if I just didn’t hear it played out much, but I absolutely love Roisin Murphy – Momma’s Place (Heavyfeet Remix). Heavyfeet productions are always on point and this is an absolutely killer tune for starting a party.

What can we expect from your HDD set on Saturday?

Really hyped to come down and play after hearing amazing things from your previous guests. You’ll get my usual frantic tune selection, house and garage are always on the cards, it’s music to make you dance, not think to hard.

What else can we expect from you in the future?

Out next is Drums of Death – Venice Beach (Whole Sick Remix) on 9th April, after that I’ve just wrapped up my ‘Do The Do’ EP for Sounds of Sumo which should be out in May. There’s an EP to come on Four40 Records, and some new collaborations with Tomb Crew and Morcee in the pipeline. I’ll be out at Snowbombing next week and in Ibiza this summer, other than that just keeping busy writing new music and playing UK shows.