Burna Boy x Run My Race

If there is one artist that we really champion is PH’s Burna Boy. Not only is he is on point lyrically but encompasses everything we love in the World Carnival Sound. His latest track Run My Race isn’t our favourite (although the video version seems to have better mastering which hampered the single), but oh boy does the video deliver. As nigeria and afro pop begins to flex it’s financial muscle in it’s videos we have seem a boilerplate sub standard Big Sean wannabe videos. This isn’t the case at all, Kazabon jokingly likened it to California Love, she has a point. It’s got the outlandishness of a 90’s hip hop shiny suit era but set in Lagos. Not just Lagos but the Shrine aka the house that Fela Kuti built. On a personal note (Hootie Who) the slap is kind of something that you see everyday in Nigeria culture, it’s just different.

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