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Elephant Man x Jamaica How We Do It

So Elephant Man did a version of This is How We Do It produced by Di Genius. Nuff Said. (above is Elephant Man’s version of cribs)

Mr One Hundred x Palm Tree Destruction

MIX046 Cover Art

The latest EP to drop on Mixpak is one from Mr One Hundred and it brings soca to a whole new level. The EP features samples from soca dream team Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons and sounds a little bit like if DJ Funk went to T&T for carnival. Get wukking and wining! You can stream the tunes below or buy it here. Get ready to wuk and wine!

Mr One Hundred – Palm Tree Destruction by Mixpak


Ricky Blaze x Never Be

Why isn’t this song an all conquering jam that should be big with all corners of the internet. For all the love the Weeknd and his ilk get Ricky should get for this jam. Sparse, taught and tense its a simply stunning song. This song is more than just the club, its late night riding around music, its pissed off at everyone music. It’s just great.

Kranium x Nobody Haffi Know

Props our resident The Large for putting us on to it. It’s now gaining traction on 1Xtra so maybe we will see it creep more and more into the Uk club scene.

Terry G X Iju Anthem

Continuing his streak of covering house tracks, Terry is back this time covering DJ CNDO’s Terminator. When he’s on a roll he’s on a roll i guess.