Darq E Freaker x Blueberry (Feat. Danny Brown)

I’ve been waiting for this collab for ages, i even got the two of them to start chatting about it on twitter. That’s not to say i take any credit for this song, this is a song that show that the hustle ethic in hip hop is not something that just relates to rappers. This is a song that Davey Boy Smith of the Southern Hospitality fam threw together. We are big admirers of what those guys do in hip hop especially since it’s not just paying lip service to their favourite artists. They are there helping artists grow along the way. Congrats to all of them.

The song itself is a banger. A classic Darq E Freaker instrumental (this time more demented carnival) with the added urgency of some trap snares. That combined with Danny Brown spazzing the fuck out what more could you ask for. You can buy the release here. Make sure you check out the crazy remixes as well. You can check out the “Enter the Blow” video here.

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