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J Boog x It’s So Hard

Brand new J Boog, the Compton native is back with an ode to street life. This time he is joined by Fiji and Sanga (not this one) is the video filmed in La (hold tight Dales Donuts). If you haven’t heard of J Boog i would strongly recommend checking out his massive one drop anthem Let’s Do It Again. Seriously if a certain Bruno Mars did this it would have been the biggest song of the year.

Bugle x Friends

Bugle shares his love for his friends on his version of ZJ Chrome’s contra riddim. He shouts them all out from Mark to Grayto DJ Frass to Daseca. If there was one theme coming from all the dancehall releases this year i would say that friendship is the one, which is nice to see as the two current wars that are taking place are both kind of boring (Beenie vs Bounty/ Twin of twins vs Matterhorn). As Beenie stated back in august unity is the key. Please excuse me im going to email all my friends this video.

Please watch this video for the moment when a girl falls in the pool and is rescued by an unusual method.

So Shifty Presents #Unf*ckwithable

Every week the excellent So Shifty guys will bring you a performance that they deem #unf*ckwithable. You can give them suggestions on twitter just using that hashtag but ultimately they will decide. This week’s edition is from Seasme Street. Yes Sesame street Ernie and the gang (including a few famous friends) doing put down the duckie.

Rep Your Creps #2 : CWD

Welcome to the second post in the Rep Your Creps series, where its all about the creps/kicks/trainers/runners/sneakers that our favourite DJs and artists are rocking. CWD shares his footwear choices with us, before he gets on the ones and twos at Hipsters Dont Dance October Session this Saturday. CWD is not just an extremely talented dj, he is also a bit of a trainer head and is always sporting a wicked pair of kicks each time we see him.
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Spoek Mathambo x Put Some Red On It

Brand new Spoek Mathambo! Brand new Spoek Mathambo! Brand new Spoek Mathambo! Brand new Spoek Mathambo! – That’s the sound of one of my internal alarms. I could wax lyrical about how great he is, how he deserves the Mobo, how he’s a musical inspiration for the african diaspora. Or that he has worked with almost all of your favourite producers around, is 1 of the most knowledgeable people on music in the world, or that his tim and barry performance is better than the majority of the series. I could but instead that ep cover art is the best of the year.

Terro 3000 x Haters

Brand new Terro 3000 this time sending a shot to all his haters. Ballaz Production on them erm production side of things. Remember:

Bypass them like the toll road

Dl it here.