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Voicemail feat Terro 3000 – Bottles and Cups

Another drinking song? I’m not complaining, Terro teams up with Voicemail for this laid back, drum heavy (is it me or does it remind you of J-Kwon’s Tipsy?) ode to booze. Terro gets him punchlines on and even manages to get a count along in the song. Remember as we enter into the Carnival season “It’s raining Alcohol”.

Ps I was going to mention how could a video about alcohol not include Future Fambo? Don’t worry he makes an appearance.

Tomb Crew – Watch This

The new Tomb Crew track gets a video, the track which features Illaman, Rubi Dan & Juxci D (all of who kill it) is lively. Filmed in East london, the Scenario-esque video is a treat for the eyes as well, maybe this will herald the hip hop video in dance music. Also it shows that you can make a great video without sex… please take heed bro-step producers.

Aidonia Mixtape

The latest mixtape from Aidonia sees him spit over some of the biggest beats in dancehall and hip hop at the moment. From the quixotic I’m on one to the bombastic Rawse, never dying Lex luger anthem BMF, Aidonia handles these beats with ease. The mixtape in collaboration with Vertex comprises 50 tracks! Make sure you dont miss out as Aidonia Bolt Action mixtape (made with Federation Sound) is a classic that still gets spins over here at HDD towers.

Basement Jaxx Vs Metropole Orkest

As we have been preparing our World Carnival mix we have been digging through the virtual crates to find those gems of yesteryear that fit that description perfectly. A lot of Basement Jaxx tunes fit that blend of carnival within the frame of house music. One of the best tracks is Samba Magic, in the video above the brazilian flavoured track is performed by the duo and a live orchestra. If this is the future of house music i’m all for it.

You can check out a video performance over here.

Top 5 x Reggae Sumfest Pictures

The show itself was interesting (Clifton Brown getting a forward is the highlight of the year so far) but the candid shots illuminate the many reason why people find Dancehall and Jamaican culture so intoxicating. From Elephant Man’s Captain America costume to Spice’s colourful Dancehall Queen outfit.
Props to Geoffrey Berry Photography.
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Mick Boogie & Dj Jazzy Jeff: Summertime 2

The guys are back for their second instalment of their summertime mix series. I really don’t think i have to add anymore but i will, the way the guys manage to incorporate the samples without getting cheesy is great but the selection is even better.

PS We ( Kazabon and I) argue whether or not Summertime is played out. She says that it is, the fault she feels lays with music tv channels and lazy dj’s. I didn’t grow up with sky so i don’t share that view and (whisper it quietly) i love the remix even more. This non music tv channel childhood vs music channel growing up is intriguing and something we will be exploring in another post.