Monthly Archives: June 2011

New Major Lazer Snippets

Not much to say, just a small collection of clips featuring tracks you can hear Vybz and see Wiley in the studio on another beat that isn’t his new single. Probably going to need to hear the whole thing before passing judgement. I do think that the last lp had underrated tunes on there that people overlooked due to how big Pon De Floor was.

Famous Eno – All Good Fm

This saturday’s guest Famous Eno just dropped a clip of his new track with MC Stitch. It’s a little grimey, housey, tropical and all types of good. Can’t wait to see what else Eno has in store for us on saturday at The Camp.
All Good FM feat MC Stitch (clip) by Famous Eno

Lady Leshurr – Friggin L

Continuing with UK Mc’s on american beats week here is Lady Leshurr. On her new mixtape Friggin L she hops on a variety of the best hip hop beats around. I really like the tape, especially her twitter version of Touch a button. The video above is her spitting on top of BMF, to be honest i’m not the biggest fan of people on this beat especially a year after the fact. Her mixtape is worth checking out though.

Tuggawar – Buss my Gun

Last night Tuggawar came through the #StyleandSwagger show (Monthly dancehall show hosted by HDD residents The Large, Why Delila and Kazabon) and tore up the place. He didn’t have a lot of time but wow he’s got energy for days. You can expect that podcast soon.
One of the songs he performed is from his new song Buss my Gun where Tuggawar goes over the Lil Wayne and Rick Ross beat for John.

Checan – Future Sound of Sheffield

Checan quietly dropped this mini-mix on the world today on twitter. It’s a fun 12 minute mix that combines garage, bassline, dubstep and a wicked Slick Don Inna Dis blend reminiscent of Mele’s Pow Blend. In which you get a familiar vocal which the crowd loves and constant changing of beats to forgotten classics which makes the muso-heads go crazy as well. You can listen to the mix below. I really like Checan, he seems to be one of the few guys out there just enjoying what he’s playing, whether that’s from his age or the fact that he ain’t from London is immaterial he’s just a badman.
Future Sound of Sheffield – Checan by HuWho

And you can grab that Slick Don blend over here.

Walter Ego – Calm Down feat Coco & K Dot

Even though i love living in London, sometimes it’s somewhat elitist music policies means that you never really hear anything further afield in the country. Oh we love anything that comes from further afield but outside zone 7 it’s an issue. Thankfully homie Murlo passed on this slice of bassline/grime from Sheffield’s grime Mc’s Coco and K Dot. It’s out on Bad Taste records soon.