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Dr Gonzo – Bust ’em Off


Combining a lot of things i like bmore breaks, dancehall samples and unrelenting drums. This cut off the Dr Gonzo project is acutally Crookers and Savage Skulls. Out now on southern fried records.

Good God It’s Bonjay

We are super excited to have Alanna and Pho aka Canadian duo Bonjay, joining us at Hipsters Dont Dance June Session.
When asked in a recent interview, what part dancehall plays in the Bonjay sound, Alanna’s reply was as follows:
It’s the dancehall attitude and openness to anything. The kick-drum and the bass.
HDD regulars know that musically we share a similar belief and like to shake it up with a variety of genres so you can see why we thought a Bonjay dj set at HDD would be something truly special.

Named after a phrase in Grenadian patois meaning ‘Good God’ Bonjay aim for their music to come as a pleasant surprise to the ear. If you havent experienced the Bonjay sound prepare for a mix of synth stabs, big bass, dancehall drums, airhorns and silky vocals.

You can listen to some of their tacks below including Creepin and Stumble which will be released as a double A side on June 6th. As part of the release, One Bird Records are including a limited edition notebook with orders of the single.

Bonjay songs by Bonjay

Rep Your Creps #1 : Superflex

Welcome to the first post in the Rep Your Creps series, where its all about the creps/kicks/trainers/runners/sneakers that our favourite DJs and artists are rocking. SeeOhSay and Lukey from SuperFlex (who will be djing at HDD June session) fill us in on their footwear choices.

What creps are you wearing right now?
SeeOhSay Nike  Mid SB Blazers
Lukey It’s an all black everything situation today Black Reebok Classic Hi Tops

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Cee-Lo I Want You

We have been a fan of this song ever since Giles Peterson dropped it on his radio show last year. I’ve worn out the mp3 so much that i know Giles adlibs by heart. “Smile for Steve!” Even the Jools Holland version is lush, if not a tad Tony Bennet.
I am disappointed that this version has added bells and whistles that distract from the great vibe that this song has. I fully expect it to be a wedding day staple for the next 15 years.

P.s We are also fans of the new NBC singing competition the voice in which Cee-Lo is a judge. One of his fellow Judges tried to convince an singer that both he and Cee-lo wanted to work that if she chose to work with Cee-Lo he might show up one day dressed like Batman. In this video he’s gone full on Liberace, more power to him.

Wildlife Scores

It’s not just Gnucci, Spoek and SCB (Schlachthofbronx) that were on US Tv this year, Wildlife had his track that he produced with Tricky for Terry Lynn on Nikita. CWD swears that this show is good, i haven’t given it a chance but if since it has a great soundtrack it’s worth a shot then.
You can check out the clip above.
(Hat tip: Seen)

RIP Gil Scott-Heron

April 1, 1949 – May 27, 2011