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Normally when it comes to UK Hip hop i have an aversion to acappella videos. half the time its poorly written verse about subjects that bore me to death. Although i know Illaman from his hilarious twitter account, i hadnt really heard too much of his stuff. We have friends in common who swear that he’s great and when the first video appeared i had to watch. The way that he murders the Diplo + Afrojack beat is great but also the fact that he can make you think, laugh and smile all in the same verse is something fantastic. Recently we have seen a rise of a certain type of rapper but not someone that could be a proper all rounder. Trust me i think Illaman is that. Don’t think so? His second video sees him spit about the dangers of unprotected sex and generally being a running around thinking you are king when you are young. It’s a verse that reminds me of coming to london and being reckless. Trust me every young guy in london will relate. The Klose One (Look At Me Now) is above and the lean in a lift video is below.

Poirier – Que Viva feat. Boogat

Poirier is a firm favourite round these parts, his lp Running High is a classic which blends soca, dancehall, electro and other madness together. His new video is Boogat version on the 90’s Backyard riddim. The Canadian MC is easily one of the most versatile Mc’s i have ever heard granted i dont speak spanish and dont understand any of it.

Gappy Ranks on French Tv

Live music in general is disappearing on Uk TV. We may remember TOTP for being cheesy but at least it provided musicians a goal to reach and to improve their live show. The clamour for acts like odd future is partly due to their energetic live shows.
Gappy doesnt have this problem, i only caught that last 3 songs of his set in december but he captivated the crowd more than during the whole Mavado and Gyptian ending.
You can watch it over here, trust me its great.

Booty Beast Mix

Booty Beast just hooked us up with his HDD mix. Make sure you see him and the rest of us this friday at the Camp.

Jumble For Japan

This Saturday The Camp will be hosting a jumble sale with proceeds going to the Japanese Red Cross effort.

Dearest Friends and Friends of Friends

It’s been impossible to not be saddened and disturbed by the devastation and destruction that has troubled the lovely people of Japan. It’s easy to feel helpless being so far away, but we’d like to change all that with our ‘Jumble for Japan’.

It’s a jumble sale with a difference where all money made will go to the Japanese Red Cross to help those directly affected by the Earthquake and Tsunami. Not only will there be bargains galore to be had, there’ll be raffle prizes, charity cakes and Japanese nibbles up for grabs. All this to the beat of DJ’s on the Decks and a tipple or two from the Bar.

And now for the But. We can’t do this on our own. We need stallholders with clobber and brick-a-brak to give away. If you are interested, please message Tash or Amanda via Facebook. If you don’t fancy the idea of peddling your wares, but still want to get involved, let us know and we may be able to arrange collection of your wantable unwanteds.

And last of all, and most importantly, we need punters and PR, so please spread the word. It’s gonna be fun, feel good and all in the jolly good name of charity. We look forward to seeing you there! XXXXX

Blackgold Rihanna vs Vybz Dance

Dance crew Blackgold killing it again. I suggest that you could follow The Large’s advice and learn this in time for friday.